Developer: Maxis

Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

Genre: Simulation

Release Date: March 5, 2013 (US)

New SimCity will return to the PC in 2013.

Electronic Arts (EA) confirmed that its Maxis studio is still working on a new installment in the city-building franchise for release on March 5, 2013. Maxis is building this new SimCity on its new GlassBox game engine, so it will allow the studio to introduce curved roads to the franchise. And with those curvy roads, the map has effectively become a game of urban-planning Draw Something in which we’ll be able to create any city layout we want, not just a gridded Philadelphia clone.

The game will also be fully 3D, a first for the series. I heard that Godzilla will be a clear and present danger in the new SimCity. In this game,  you can play only a single city or up to 16 metropolitan areas at once and watch population, wealth, education and happiness across your area. For the first time, SimCity will provide a full multiplayer experience. Enjoying with friends for the first time will add a new dimension to how you play SimCity. Your decisions will influence both your city and your region.

In New SimCity, you can create truly unique cities with different specializations. Mayors seeking clever Sims to build a school town or to specialize in Big Company to improve the wealth of your sims in the city. Each and every specialization has major advantages, and disadvantages as well.

 “SimCity is back with what looks to be the best game in the genre, ever” – Gamereactor

There are Limited Edition and Digital Deluxe Package for pre-order. In the Limited Edition version, you will introduce superheroes and villains to the game, as well as unspecified “mystery items.” The digital deluxe version will have all of that, as well as new French, German, and British-themed city sets.

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